Return to Work Case Management (QLD)

This online training provides skills and knowledge required to assist with the management of workers’ compensation claims, rehabilitation and return to work programs.

Note: This does not in any way address the process of treating the worker for their injury or illness as this is the task of health and rehabilitation professionals. Instead this focuses on assisting with managing claims and ensuring that the organisation supports the worker through return to work programs.

Workers compensation legislation in Australia aims to provide monetary and other compensation for workers injured at work or suffering an illness/disease arising from work. Employers must to the applicable legislation which applies to it.

The ‘Act’ states that every Queensland employer, must have a WorkCover accident insurance policy unless self-insured. This insurance policy covers employers for the cost of workers’ compensation claims. It also provides injured workers with compensation, medical costs, and other benefits after a workplace injury. WorkCover QLD is governed by the Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003. (the Act).

WorkCover QLD is a government owned statutory body which providing workers’ compensation insurances in QLD. It is self-funded with income obtained from premiums paid by employers and returns on invested funds. WorkCover QLD is in a strategic partnership with the Office of Industrial Relations with both organisations reporting to Queensland’s Minister for Employment and Industrial Relations.

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