Tamanuhiri Challenge

The Tamanuhiri Challenge is a proposal put forward by ASA Projects Manager Simon Pohatu of Ngai Tamanuhiri descent, from Muriwai, Gisborne, New Zealand. Like the Queensland WW1 100 km Challenge, it is an ANZAC challenge aimed at commemorating the fallen, through firstly establishing a memorial and historical track along the coastal boundary of the iwi (tribe) and thereafter the conduct of an annual walk, run or cycle on that track.

The proposed memorial track is to comprise trees planted to represent each serviceperson from Muriwai who has either fallen or passed. Each tree is to be accompanied with a plaque identifying the serviceperson and a summary of their service, possibly including a photo and unit insignia. The location of each serviceperson's tree will be dependent on their hapu (subtribe) or place of residence. The trees are to be planted by the students of Muriwai School, giving significance also to the growth of that student with the tree. The track will also incorporate storyboards that identify the key historical sites of Ngai Tamanuhiri.

This proposal is effectively the development of a national venture that is accessible to trekkers, joggers and cyclists alike. It requires the cooperation of the iwi, respective land owners and the Gisborne City Council. The first step is to determine whether the iwi and the respective landowners are happy to pursue such a venture. Only with a consensus, can we then lobby for council support.

So, on that note, you are most welcome to participate in a survey to determine if there is sufficient support to proceed with this venture. Please scroll through the questions below.

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