Queensland WW1 100 km Challenge

Kiwi’s honouring Queenslanders - ASA All Stars continue participation in the Queensland WW1 100km Challenge in Brisbane

The ASA All Stars was established by ASA Chief Operations Officer Debs Pohatu, who entered the challenge in May 2015 and who has continued to support the event in the subsequent years, through the provision of event ambulance’s, marketing, fundraising and of course trekking. ASA All Stars members to date comprise Debs Pohatu, Simon Pohatu, Jackie Te Amo, Melissa Ngaru, Nathan Ngaru, Angelic Graham, Alexis Clark, Gavin Torrens, Jess Torrens, Ken Orr, Robyn Brown, Tahlia, Nassey Pohatu, Angela Cresswell, Graham Madsen, Karen Madsen, Kalena Madsen, Monica Bezuidenhout, Vaughan Maniapoto, Syjvannah Cosgrove and our kids Keisha Ngaru, Tyrese Ngaru, Ihapera Pohatu, Kassie Madsen, William Graham, Rico Graham, Jayla Cassidy, Carter Cassidy, CJ, Peyton Maniapoto and Layla Clark . Whilst we are known as an ANZAC team, the All Stars retains its identity as the only Kiwi and Ex NZDF team in an Australian event. The Kiwi's are also renown for that much needed morale boost when you hit the dreaded ‘wall’ plus of course the expected banter with the Diggers!

The Queensland WW1 100km Challenge commemorates the sacrifices made by soldiers from Queensland in WW1. The challenge comprises a 4 stage 100km trek across the rugged D’Aguilar Ranges in south east Queensland over a 32 hour period, as a relay team or individual. It is held on 4 occasions each year. The trek includes carrying a brick engraved with the name of a fallen WW1 Queensland soldier. Each brick goes towards a memorial wall to be constructed at the Woodford RSL, north of Brisbane on 11 Nov 2018.

The challenge is administered by Executive Excellence Events for the charities Whiskeys Wish, Legacy and Soldier On, all of which support current and past Australian Defence Force members, Domestic Service members and Service Dogs that have suffered injuries or illnesses as a result of their service. The ASA All Stars participation continues because of a belief in the cause, and for each member of the team the challenge is not only for the WW1 soldiers from Queensland, but for all ANZAC soldiers, and their own families at home in NZ.

The event is not easy and certainly not painless. It is a physical and emotional journey and therefore requires a total commitment to training to ensure you complete your trek with minimum damage to your body and soul. To date only Debs has completed the entire gruelling 100km trek – she can be a very determined individual! The trek ends with a march through the Woodford township and handover of the memorial bricks from the individual trekkers to the RSL padre.

ASA All Stars is grateful for the continued association with event friends and veterans: Bruce Barker and the Executive Excellence Events team; Greg, Phil, Darryl, Marianne, Sam, etc, from the Kedron-Wavell RSL and Sub-Branch; Lynne and the physiotherapy team from Australian Catholic University. A great many thanks also to our main supporters the ASA Company Directors Gavin and Ron and our sponsors: Gold Coast District RSL, ASA Field Staff, Becis Chartered Accountants, Ziggiz Print & Sign Centre, D&S Marks, Diverse Training Concepts, HeatFire, Trans-Civ, The Meat Warehouse, Stone Foundation, the many whanau from NZ and all of our followers on Facebook. Let us not forget the spirit of the ANZAC’s.

2018 is the final year for this event. Remember, if you know of anyone else looking for a worthy cause and a reason to get off that couch and get healthy, bring them along. The ASA ANZAC All Stars will give them the opportunity, training, support and encouragement to complete this challenge - just look at your beautiful training ground below!.