Price is what you pay. Value is what you get. Warren Buffet

Many businesses are all about technology, money, manufacturing processes and supply chain; however Anodyne understands that successful companies revolve around their people.
Without people, every patient in the world would be worthless. People are the ultimate consumer of every product and service. It must be acknowledged that even in business-to-business sales, people make the decisions about what to purchase and when.
Many corporate leaders focus on building and sustaining competitive advantage, competing on pricing, quality and design, however these only create temporary advantages at best.
The lasting competitive advantage is knowledge your company possesses and this is our people. Many competitors lack this advantage.

It is through character strengths that connect us to others, like gratitude that many of us find satisfaction and meaning in life. It is with other people that we work, love, and play. Good relationships with other people may be a necessary condition for our own happiness.