Anodyne partners with Global Rescue

Earlier this year, Anodyne Services teamed up with America-based Global Rescue to provide a services offering that is unmatched globally.

Global Rescue specialises in medical assistance, evacuation and security services for travellers, expatriates and corporations around the world, with yearly memberships available for individuals, families, students and businesses.

“Our partnership has offered the chance for each of us to leverage the other’s extensive experience as we seek opportunities together,” says Dan Richards, chief executive and founder of Global Rescue.

Anodyne chief executive officer Gavin Torrens said this is an important opportunity for the company.

“While our services are different, they are extremely complimentary,” Gavin says.

“Working together gives us the chance to not only expand our reach, but also better meet the needs of our clients.”

While many Anodyne clients require evacuation and crisis response services, Global Rescue has found that its clients need remote medical staffing and related services.

“Through this partnership, we are able to provide a complete package that allows our clients to meet all their needs in one place,” Gavin says.

According to Global Rescue, the partnership also enables both companies to provide the best emergency care possible, ensuring the best outcomes.

“We are always looking for exceptional, global partners that embrace the attitude, capability and commitment found at Global Rescue,” Dan says.

“Anodyne fits that bill and as such, provides the recipe for an optimal partnership.”

Global Rescue Website