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Anodyne Services prides itself on its strong network of business partners, and Churchill Education is an important part of this equation.

Churchill co-founder Randall Smith describes his company as a registered training organisation, similar to a private TAFE college because it recognises prior learning. Anodyne’s operations manager, who has previously engaged Churchill, brought the two companies together.

“Anodyne came to us because it wanted to deliver training to clients, but did not want the load of being a registered training organisation,” Smith says.

To Anodyne chief executive officer Gavin Torrens, the partnership made perfect sense.

“Working with Churchill gives us the flexibility to meet our clients’ needs without taking on the extra burden of being a registered trade organisation,” he explains.

“We offer clients a wide range of training, and Churchill provides the certification.”

Anodyne works with Churchill to identify what courses and certifications are needed, and Smith says the company is able to meet virtually any request.

“They have access to the full suite of national recognised certifications, right up to full qualifications in advanced diplomas,” he explains.

“We’re very happy with the professional service the trainers offer, because whilst they’re out there representing Anodyne, they also represent us.

“There is a real peace of mind to partner with them.”

The symbiotic relationship is a major value-add for Anodyne clients.

“We are able to offer training in a diverse range of topics thanks to our partnership with Churchill,” Torrens says.

“If a client needs a certification that Churchill does not offer, they work with us to achieve the authorisation and add that to their product mix.”

Although Churchill works with a number of companies, Anodyne is a standout.

“We have a partnering program with other training organisations that link up with us, but I’d put Anodyne at the top of the list,” Smith says.

“They’re the best.”

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