Anodyne partners up for training success

When Anodyne Services was looking to expand its training opportunities for clients, it decided to turn to specialists and partner with BLP Training and Services.

BLP managing director Neil Passfield said the companies began their partnership in June this year.

“BLP provides specialist training and munitions to law enforcement and defence, but we also providing training around security and safety,” he says. Website

“We work as consultants in those fields, and also offer manpower solutions.”

BLP has many courses, including in fire fighting, industrial safety and rescue, first aid, tactical training and hostile environment security.

The company also has staff trained in security, close personal protection, special operations and linguistics, who can be hired out by clients as needed.

After meeting with Anodyne chief executive officer Gavin Torrens, Neil was confident the companies were a good fit.

“We have a very similar outlook and way we do business,” he explains.

“We are both open, transparent and honest, and we do the right thing for the right reasons.

“There is also a lot of alignment in what we do, but in different areas. We can leverage off each other’s experience, because what they can’t do we can, and vice versa.

“It was hugely important for us to recognise that there is still a market for this kind of training.”

For Gavin, the two companies are a natural fit.

“Many of our clients require safety and security training, and BLP is a leader in that field,” he says.

“We understand the importance of having expert services and our business needs clearly overlap, as many companies working with BLP have a need for paramedic or medical transport services.”

The two companies should be getting even closer soon, as BLP is looking to relocate next door to Anodyne’s headquarters.

“We’ve been at our current premises for 16 years but we need a bit of a change,” Neil says.

“There’s a building next to Anodyne with an open space we can redevelop into a new training centre.”

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